Buckeye Cam

Orion XIR (No Glow) - Wireless Camera or Base System
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2 GB Compact Flash Memory Card
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4 GB Secure Digital Memory Card
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Buckeye Cam

X7D PC Base Kit
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Operates up to 254 cameras from one base!!!

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HC600 HyperFire HO Covert IR
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Master Lock

Camo Python Adjustable Locking Cable
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Buckeye Cam

X80 Camera or Base System
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Operates up to 254 cameras from one base!!!

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Bushnell Trophy Cam 8.0 MP - Bone Collector Edition
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Frigid Forage

Big-N-Beasty Brassicas - Annual Seed Blend
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Frigid Forage

Monster Rack - Mineral Supplement Pack
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What's New
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What's New Feature Product
Title Rating Date Manufacturer Model
New Buckeye Cam X7D System
Feb 03, 2012 Buckeye Cam X7D

The latest product released from Buckeye Cam is the NEW X7D! The X7D is the smallest Buckeye Cam wireless camera ever offered. The camera size has been reduced to 6.25”H x 5.25”W x 2.5”T.

Extremely easy to hide, the new X7D also has some great new features. First off, the 7D as a removable battery pack giving you multiple options for power sources. Not to mention it makes concealing the X7D a snap. With standard 12V SLA type battery you can expect thousands of pictures per charge. Add the optional solar panel and you may never have to visit your camera again… Hang the camera and hide the battery!

The name X7D, is our cryptic explanation for some very unique features. X stand for our “XIR” series meaning no visible flash. No red glow = completely invisible. “7D” alludes to the fact that there are more than 70 LEDs to power the completely invisible infrareds!

With a standard transmission range of out to 1 mile, combined with the built in repeater feature the X7D will prove to be a real asset in the field.

Wireless transmission, 5+ Megapixel resolution, real video mode, 75 completely invisible infrareds, silent operation, new low price and many battery options makes the X7D the best camera available.

Buckeye Cam X7D can operate in the harshest environments (-32F to +130F), wind, snow, rain, deserts, jungles and even in war the x7D provides day to day reliability and years of service.

Control all your cameras from one computer (Mac or Windows).


Here is how it works!

If you have a computer within range of you camera setup (1 mile or less) you would want to run the X7D PC Base System.


The 7D PC Base system simply allows you to completely control all of your cameras (up to 254 cameras per base) right from your computer. No cellular or data fees either! The Cell Base plugs directly into your USB port and comes complete with a standard antenna, USB cable and software to get you up and running wirelessly in no time. Doesn’t need an internet connection to work but if you do have an internet connection at the computer you can set the software up to automatically send pictures and videos via email to whomever you would like.


 Don’t have a computer within range of your camera location?

No Problem!

Use one of the cameras as a “Camera Base” Everything simply transmits to the camera base.


Place your camera base in an easily accessible location to collect pictures & videos from up to 254 cameras when you arrive.


Add the X7D Cell base and control your cameras from any computer with a high speed internet connection. Works with most major carriers worldwide and is simple to use! Does require a 5 gig data plan starting at $59.00/mo. (rates may vary) The big savings is the fact you can control up to 254 cameras from a single data plan. (No per picture fees, No per camera fees) just one simple monthly plan to run the entire system!


Sounds pretty cool right?

It’s even cooler to see it work!

TheX7D Cell Base can be powered off 110V or 12V battery power – your choice, and it comes with everything you need to run it either way! Just install the Buckeye Cam Base software on the computer you want to run the cameras (must have high speed internet) then put your X7D cameras out deploy the cell base within range of the cameras and PRESTO, your going wireless.

No more visiting cameras to retrieve pictures while alerting the game you are after. Know the moment something triggers any of your cameras from the comfort of home.

It’s great for remote security applications. That is why this same system is being used by the US Border Patrol, ICE, IBET, US Military, Researchers and the list goes on and on.

Buckeye Cam is made right here in the USA!


So let’s recap:

Here is what you need….

Select how many cameras you want to run:
    You can operate up to 254 X7D cameras per base.

Select your base option:
    PC Base – when you have a computer in range of your cameras.
    Cell Base – when you do not have a computer within range but still want remote control.
    Camera Base – just use one camera as your base using SD card memory.

Don’t forget to consider optional items:
    Batteries & battery chargers
    Solar Panels
    Upgraded antennas and cable to increase transmission range.
    Security Enclosures
    Camo patterns available

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